Feel what great teams feel!

We can help your team to feel like a team- no matter what challenges you face.

  • felt value for each other
  • connected to the purpose
  • safe
  • felt sense of being united
  • playful
  • fun (yes, it is possible!)

Team Spark is a proven programme that helps teams to build beyond a range of common issues:

  • fatigue
  • pressure
  • crisis / trauma
  • team fractures
  • innovation / change
  • remote working

The Team Spark programme will help you and your team to energise, focus and team up to win!

We have delivered this programme with many diverse teams including those that work wholly remotely.

100% would recommend it to their peers!

We passionately believe it can benefit you and your team, which is why we offer you the first workshop:

Psychological essentials of team success absolutely FREE!

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For you

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Our FREE workshop

can be used in 2 ways

  1. Individual Leaders - Watch and learn solo about how you can effectively lead and support your team through challenge
  2. Together as a Team- watch and learn together how to grow and support each other through challenge

Sparking the right feelings in your team

There is much talk about leadership skills and team culture - but not much talk about how a team grows together and changes how it feels, together.

Teams are often left wondering how to transform ideas on paper into a change of culture at work.

Our Team Spark programme is uniquely aimed at developing the whole team together - sparking different ways of communicating, thinking together, culture design and... most importantly.. key feelings like safety, playfulness, fun, felt value and a sense of unitedness.

The Keys to Success and the Barriers to using them!

Psychological safety & how to lead through uncertain times

Developed by Psychologists and made available as a digital journey for your whole team.

How is Team Spark different?

This FREE workshop will introduce you to what teams need to feel great and why that is so very difficult for leaders to achieve!

We also reveal why a process like Team Spark can be a solution for teams - based on evidence and years of research.

Complete video guided workshop for you and your team to enjoy.

10 videos which guide your team through a 1 hour workshop allowing you all to participate in the programme rather than lead it.

This means everyone gets to FEEL the difference.

Facilitator's handbook to fully guide you.

Our FREE workshop comes with a sample facilitator's guidebook.

Our full programme provides you with a detailed manual to support your journey as a team.

A Workbook for each workshop participant

All of our workshops are supported by a workbook for team members- a space for personal reflections and a place to store them.

This is also useful for any team members who wish to repeat these methods in other team meetings etc.

Start your journey

Grow towards success

‘it’s been a completely different process to everything else I’ve been involved with…and it’s opened my eyes to the fact that there is more than one way to look at something.’

-Senior team lead